Blaux Personal Fan AC Reviews – Does It Really Works?

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The summer is at its peak and the weather is getting hot and humid day by day. Now, the question comes whether you can save yourself from this kind of weather or not. The answer is obviously the installation of AC that can give you the relief from this sort of weather. However, it is the traditional option to deal with immense hot weather. But, if you are looking for something innovative and compact thing, then you can check out a revolutionary product called Blaux Personal Fan which is a wearable AC. It is highly impressive and different from the conventional stuffs. This supreme quality fan can really help you to get relief from hot weather by providing personal air conditioning with fresh breathing air. It is quite convenient that reduces warmth, sweat and humidity with complete ease. You just need to wear it and hang it around the neck area. So, let’s go through the detailed review of this sensational and innovative product!

What is Blaux Personal Fan?

Blaux Personal Fan is a superb cooling device that functions with latest technology to produce wonderful cooling to your body directly. It is wearable at your neck area and the iconic design lets you to get ultimate cooling with complete ease. The design and the look of this fan is just fabulous. It gives you instant feeling of cool ice placed at around body. Therefore, you can do exercise, workout, travelling and shopping only by wearing it and you won’t feel any heat at the same time. It has two small fans which are pointed at your face to give you ultimate cool breeze. It doesn’t have much weight, so you don’t feel any burden at your neck. Moreover, there is no sound of this fan when it is running. It makes you feel really great. Now, let’s have a look at its specifications!

Blaux Personal Fan – Specifications

  • Low fan air volume (1.9 CFM)
  • 5 degree flex fit and 120 degree positionable air blade for different neck size
  • Equipped with mode of 3 fan speed
  • LED power indicator and for charging status
  • USB Type C port for quick charging
  • Contains 3000mAh Lithium battery
  • Ease to remove and easy to clean

Excellent Features of Blaux Personal Fan

  • Type C USB port – It has a wonderful Type C USB port that helps fan to get recharged rapidly. Its work time is in between 2 to 12 hours depending upon the usage and speed.
  • 3 Adjustable Speed Levels – There are three modes given, Low, Medium and High. You can use these settings as per your convenience.
  • Ultimate hands-free design – Being a portable and easy to use product, it is made as the headphones which are completely hands-free for your easiness.
  • Amazing Adjustable Angles – Besides that, you can adjust its angles as per your need and convenience. Also, it can be used as 360 degree direction which is extremely powerful and innovative.
  • Excellent Dual Wind – This fan is made with two wind heads which gives you incredible air flow that can really give you sensational cooling. Moreover, you can also place it at your desk or table.
  • Multiple Functions – This magnificent fan can be used while doing multi-functions such as outdoor activities like playing, workout, shopping, climbing, travelling etc.

Pros – Blaux Personal Fan

  • Includes multiple fan speed modes: Low, Medium, High
  • Incredible 3000mAh lithium battery that gives longer durability
  • Contains USB Type C port for fast charging
  • Suitable for all and healthy for your body
  • Gets fit easily at your neck portion to give best cooling
  • Extremely lightweight that can be carried anywhere
  • Gives you 30 hours run once gets charged completely
  • Totally safe and reliable product
  • Portable device so that you can take it wherever you go
  • Makes no sound while running
  • Comes with easy return or money back policy

Cons – Blaux Personal Fan

  • So, far there is no con detected in this device. However, the only limitation with this product is it can be purchased only from the internet platform at its official website. You cannot buy it from open market or your nearby stores.

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Is Blaux Personal Fan suitable for you?

Yes, definitely! This wonderful portable fan is amazingly suitable for all that gives you sensational cooling even when you are not at your home. It gives you the feeling of fresh air and chilly winds which is ultimate amid this unbearable hot and humid weather. Moreover, it is non-toxic and produces no noise so that you get the ultimate comfort while using it. This fan comes which extremely low weight so that you don’t feel uneasiness while wearing. Therefore, we can say that this amazing portable and wearable fan is entirely suitable for all the people.

Working Process of Blaux Personal Fan

This superb portable fan functions by purifying the air you are going to breathe. With the usage of latest technology, this fan reduces the dust molecules and bacteria from the air and converts it to fresh air when you inhale. Therefore, you feel the freshness and coolness in the air that helps you inhale the cool and fresh breeze. The less pollutants molecules make the environment very light and refreshed. Ultimately, you start feeling happier and healthier throughout the day.

How to use?

This portable fan is extremely easy to use. You only need to charge it completely. Then, hang it around your neck portion and hold the turn on button for three seconds to start it. That’s it, the fan will start instantly.

How Blaux Personal Fan is better than the other fans?

Around the globe, there are several alternatives available to Blaux Personal Fan. However, there are certain features that make it apart. This fan has the sensational quality of purifying the air you inhale. It is extremely light-weight making it quite durable and wearable for longer hours. Apart from that, its efficiency is far better than the other available options. Hence, many people from many countries are using it and considering it as a reliable product.

Users Reviews about Blaux Personal Fan

  • Brian says I really admire this fan as it gives fresh air to me. The quality of air and the coolness is just impeccable. Also, I can easily carry it to anywhere I want. Recommended for sure!
  • Joseph tells with innovative design and superb efficiency, I am really happy with this portable fan. The coolness it produces is just amazing. Guys, just go for it!
  • Jade says I reduces the temperature very quickly and gives instant cooling to my body. Now, I can work harder in the gym and also can do other physical activities without burnt out.

How to purchase?

Blaux Personal Fan is an online product available at the manufacturers’ official website. Therefore, you cannot buy it from your local market. Also, we have mentioned the official buy now link below this article which will help you to book your online order immediately. Beware of other fake websites which are doing frauds and making unethical money by fooling people. So, buy it only from the genuine makers’ official website to keep away from any fraudulent activity. Also, for you safety, the payment process is secured by SSL so that you can pay from Paypal or from your credit card without any hesitation. Besides that, there is 50% discount offer is also running which can be availed at the time of purchase. This offer is for limited period, so buy it right now!


Blaux Personal Fan is undoubtedly a sensational portable fan which gives you wonderful fresh air. It is extremely easy to wear so that you get direct fresh and cool air. The users which are already enjoying the benefits of this fan are appraising it due to its amazing durability and efficiency. This fan based on innovative technology that stops the dust and germs by the filters and converts it into the cool and fresh air to breathe. So, bring it now and say goodbye to this humid and hot weather forever!

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Blaux Personal Fan

Is there any money back policy for Blaux Personal Fan?

Yes! The manufacturers offer the 30 days money return guarantee to all the users.

Is Blaux Personal Fan fake or scam?

Absolutely NOT! This portable fan is a genuine product made by a reputed organization. There is no hidden policy or unnecessary charges when you buy it. Also, the existing users are extremely satisfied with its performance.

Does Blaux Personal Fan provide warmth at the neck?

Not at all! The filters of this fan give you the cool air regularly and the cover area is made up with heat resistance material that doesn’t get hot.

What kind of batteries Blaux Personal Fan has?

This ultimate air cooling portable fan comes with 3000mAh lithium battery that recharges quickly for uninterrupted performance.

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